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returning + autumn 2019 changes

returning + autumn 2019 changes

TL;DR summary of VLGL changes

  1. I’M BACK, for my own joy and for Mama Earth.

  2. I’ll be posting simpler recipes — what I cook and eat in my active life.

  3. I’ll be posting less “perfect” phone camera photos (see “active life” above).

  4. I’ll be posting these TL;DR summaries/the actual recipe at the TOP from now on (because I suspect you too have a “active life”).

  5. Yes, the blog is now pink.

Hi — remember me?

It’s been almost two years since I’ve posted on here. I stopped not due to lack of passion but because with increasing demands in my law practice (a good thing!), I felt I could not justify making the space to blog… at least not to the level of content that I was able to pull off in 2017. I’ve missed it.

I’m back because this — education on wellness-supporting, plant-based living — matters. Well, at least it matters to me, both as a personal creative outlet for one of my greatest joys (food!) and a way to provide a resource when asked “HOW” I make a plant-based lifestyle work, and work beautifully.

I believe that passionate voices are needed in the vegan/plant-based movement, and it matters to walk my own talk. Since 2017, the movement has continued to grow visibly, through increased environmental awareness and awareness of the health consequences of over-consuming animal products. Speaking for my peers and myself, we’re at the age (late 20s/early 30s) where our parents’ generation (and to a lesser extent, we) are beginning to experience the sort of health consequences that the meat-heavy, sugar-heavy, booze-heavy Standard American Diet inspires like a plague. At the very least, “impossible burgers” seem to be everywhere. Yet, despite this knowledge and movement, meat consumption both globally and in the US continues to climb. And, to the massive detriment of the planet, the “wellness” movement plays its part in this vis-a-vis the mainstreaming of environmentally destructive fad diets like certain “keto” diets which often encourage meat consumption at unsustainable levels.

The last thing the planet needs right now is for privileged people in wealthy, planet-killing countries like the US to be eating more meat.

Setting my intentions for the autumnal equinox, I kept returning to the idea that, right now, I need to focus my energy on what matters to me. This matters to me; so, here I am.

However, in order for my blogging again to be remotely sustainable, I’m implementing the changes listed above. Essentially, I’m simplifying my approach — the recipes and photography are going to be “less fancy” because, as noted, I do a lot of other things besides blog and it makes no sense to hold this project to standards set by people who do this as a full-time job. On the plus side, this will probably produce a more accurate reflection of what I actually eat in my day-to-day life.

Also, I’ll now be posting recipes FIRST because I can’t possibly be the only one who gets tired of standing in my apron, scrolling past sixteen paragraphs about what the author’s kid did last week before finally getting to the ratio of curry paste to coconut milk. When I feel inspired, sure, I’ll write longhand like this, but I’ll put it at the bottom so interested parties can choose — not be forced to — swim in what’s flowing through my brain.

As time flows on, I realize how much it’s sustained me, in terms of skin health but in all realms, to have a wellness practice. Mine crucially incorporates meditation, journaling, sleep hygiene, nature walks, yoga, salt baths/massage, and mindfulness… but most vitally depends on what I do and don’t put in my body. I suspect that I am far from alone in this. So is the micro, as is the macro; the day-to-day food choices that we make can impact the planet for the better — or worse.

I’m back to help us choose better, together.

☼ Elizabeth

Oh and P.S. — yes, the blog is pink now.

literally the best carrots

literally the best carrots

vegan peanut butter pie

vegan peanut butter pie